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Cyber Technologist - Pre Sales

Cheltenham or London
Job Description

The purpose of this role is to increase Northrop Grumman’s technical intimacy with its National Security clients, take that understanding of their mission direction, challenges and constraints and drive the development of relevant propositions based on Northrop Grumman’s extensive capabilities.

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide. In Northrop Grumman’s rapidly growing UK Cyber and Intelligence business, we support our customers’ work to make the UK the safest place to live and do business, both physically and online.

Working with and alongside our customers, we use modern software engineering methods (Scaled Agile Development, DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering, micro-service architectures) and cutting edge techniques (data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) to tackle incredibly complex and challenging problems and deliver cost effective, reliable, supportable solutions.

Our solutions support complex analysis of vast amounts of data, requiring state of the art ‘big data’, stream processing and cloud-based analytics, identifying and using ‘best of breed’ commercial and open source technologies and integrating them with our own software to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.

At Northrop Grumman we pride ourselves on our ability to combine agile development with sound engineering and security practices to ensure that our solutions are robust and resilient, designed and built to start secure and stay secure against ever evolving cyber security threats. As well as designing for security, Information Assurance and legal / policy compliance, we actively assess products and services, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber attackers, and we create and run exercises to pit cyber security specialists against secure systems and each other.

We carry out research and innovation locally in the UK, with commercial and academic partners, and across our 85,000+ worldwide workforce.

Different thinking for a Different world

Reporting to the Technical Director, but working very closely with the Business Development Lead and Account Leads, this is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that continues to successfully grow a Cyber & Intelligence business within the National Security sector and beyond. 



How you will make a difference


  • Building and maintaining a set of strong positive customer relationships at multiple levels so that Northrop Grumman can further understand its customers’ mission, challenges, constraints and requirements and position Northrop Grumman as effectively as possible.

  • Developing propositions that combine Northrop Grumman’s current and future capabilities and those across our ecosystem of suppliers that see Northrop Grumman working collaboratively with our customers to further their desired mission outcomes.

  • Developing appropriate solutions to include in bids and proposals (and overseeing the creation of that content and/or producing that content as appropriate).

  • Harnessing the talent of Northrop Grumman’s people to drive forward innovation from across all the different areas that Northrop Grumman engages with its customers.

Key criteria required. Qualifications / skills:

  • Proactive self-starter with a proven technical consultancy background.
  • Good breadth of technical knowledge across the following desired areas (noting that deep knowledge is not expected across these):
    • Cloud (covering IaaS, FaaS, SaaS, service / microservice architectures and legacy transition; large scale virtualised environments).
    • Data Science (including AI / Machine Learning).
    • Cyber Security and Cyber Defence.
    • Agile and Scaled Agile ways of working; DevOps / DevSecOps.
  • Collaborative individual with the confidence and integrity to earn customer and internal stakeholders confidence.
  • Excellent communicator who can provide clear and concise messaging both externally to clients and internally within Northrop Grumman to access deep technical expertise in the UK and US and harness it to best effect.
  • Must be eligible, willing and able to maintain a high level of UK Security Clearance